Chicken Shop (Mini Series)

Devised and curated by Lynette Linton, this project is the screen adaption of the hugely successful play ‘Chicken Palace’, which was written and co-directed by Lynette Linton at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in 2015.

Due to the clear popularity with audiences of the main protagonists Jade and Adesh, Lynette wanted to create an screen platform that focused more on the relationship of these characters.

The sketch show documents the relationship between the Jade and Adesh, as the pair frantically attempt to keep up appearances in the family businesses new flagship store.

“Welcome to Singh’s Chicken Palace, where taste is Queen”.

Directed by Daniel M. Bailey this light hearted comedy features a number of cameo appearances throughout.

Scheduled for release in early 2019.


Devised by: Lynette Linton

Directed by: Daniel M Bailey

DOP: Gino Ricardo Green

Camera Operator: Bala Bailey

Produced by: Heather Basten

Casting Director: Heather Basten Casting

Edited by Gino Ricardo Green


Juliet Okotie

Sabjot Singh

Nathan Byron

Paige Mead

Isaac Sosanya

Alex Theo

Megan Affonso

Robert Wilde

Joti Patel