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Passages: A Windrush Celebration
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A Windrush Celebration showcase curated by Lynette Linton and produced by Black Apron Entertainment in association with The Royal Court Theatre and Christopher Haydon.

7 short films written, directed and performed by industry professionals of Caribbean and West Indian heritage. The films were inspired by the theme of the Windrush and the impact and influence of Caribbean and West Indian settlers in Britain.

Conversations With Grandad
by Jamael Westman

Actor and Writer Jamael Westman shares an intimate account of his Grandad’s journey from Jamaica to the ‘Mother Country’.

A Place For You And Me
by Lynette Linton

Lynette Linton’s short film delivers a hard hit, with an effortless multi-roled performance from award winning actor Malachi Kirby. One family’s Windrush story, served over three generations.

Paved With Gold
by Shereen Jasmin Phillips

Shereen Jasmin Phillips’ accurate depiction of the vital role that music played in creating a ‘home away from home’ within the Black British community.

by Rikki Beadle Blair

Rikki Beadle Blair’s passion-filled short film, CECIL, gives a detailed and loving account of life for young Caribbean settlers in Britain.

Dominoes For Beginners
by Roy Williams

Roy Williams’ short film DOMINOES FOR BEGINNERS puts special focus on the recreational activity of Dominoes in the Caribbean community. A simple game with significant consequences.

by Natasha Gordon

In response to the recent Windrush scandal, Natasha Gordon’s powerful short film CARMEN addresses its impact and highlights the contribution of the Windrush Generation to Britain.

The Collector
by Winsome Pinnock

Winsome Pinnock’s exploration of nostalgia and sentiment is brilliantly woven in this delicate short film that references a number of iconic memorabilia.

Where The Mountains Grow