Where The Mountains Grow 2020 (Short Film)

A circle on a piece of paper guides hospital patient Tommy on an improbable journey to where the mountains grow.

Tommy is sick; sick of waiting rooms, of tests and of being asked how he’s doing but the arrival of an unexpected visitor, presents the chance to undertake what is meant to be a once in a lifetime journey.

A witty and heart warming comedy that explores what it means to truly seize the day.

‘Where The Mountains Grow’ is a collaboration between Beartuza Theatre Company and Black Apron Entertainment. Following a successful theatre tour of the original production ‘Night Voices'(produced by Beartuza Theatre Company), our aim is to create a short film that captures the spirit of this stage production.

Completion Date: June 2020


Directed by Gino Ricardo Green
Written by Phil Poole
Produced by Daniel M. Bailey
Produced by Laura Chetty 

Steven Nichols – Executive Producer
Susan Arthur – Executive Producer
Stefan Allesch-Taylor – Executive Producer
Charlie Kay – Co-Executive Producer
Heather Basten, CSA – Casting Director
Glen Nigel Matthews – Director of Photography


Phil Poole – GAZ
Anders Hayward – TOMMY
Eleanor Henderson – HAN
Manon Stieglitz – CASS
Georgina Goodman – SPIRIT OF MARUDO
Patrick MacCormack – ANDY
Marc Wesley Dehaney – SANDY
Kevin Wallace – KEITH/JEFF
Joshua De La Warr – RYAN